Bill McCrone Monterey CaliforniaLegal expert, Civil Engineer, Planning Commissioner

Bill McCrone is the only candidate with the expertise and initiative necessary to improve the city of Monterey by:

  • Increasing revenues and reducing costs by making the hard financial choices that are more compatible with the changing economy.

  • Implementing the city’s new master plans he helped develop on the Planning Commission.

  • Listening to your concerns and promoting an accessible, fair, and transparent government that keeps you informed on the issues facing Monterey.

McCrone for City Council 2012 – Building a stronger future for Monterey.

A Message From Bill McCrone:

This is an exciting time for the City of Monterey. Decisions that will be made by the City Council over the next two or three years will drive the City economy and culture for the next fifty years. Leadership and vision is needed to propel those decisions. Expert oversight is needed to overcome passive budget choices that have led to Sunday closing of the library and public safety issues. I am running for Council because I have the expertise, vision and leadership to move the City forward in this critical period of change and rejuvenation for the historic City of Monterey.